中文 / EN
                      Dongguan Financial Holdings Equity Investment Fund CO., ltd

                      Dongguan Financial Holdings Equity Investment Fund CO., ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our company with 100 million yuan registered capital,founded in 2018. It is committed to developing a professional fund management company which provides investment and financing services for local industries and the real economy, epeciallys for the major local projects, major industrial gathering platforms, and major science and technology projects.It gives full play to the guiding role and amplifying effect of financial funds and state-owned funds, improves the cooperation mode between the government and private capital, and supports the construction of major projects in the city through market-based operations.

                      ?Dongguan Humen Multiplier Optimization Equity Investment Partnership

                      Dongguan Humen Multiplier Optimization Equity Investment Partnerships (Limited Partnership) is an equity investment fund initiated by our company in cooperation with numbers of state-owned financial institutions and Humen Town. It is the second fund of our company's Multiplier Optimization series of Equity investment funds, with a scale of 90 million yuan, mainly to strategic emerging areas such as intelligent manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new consumption. It will also give priority to the selection of companies that use the "Multiplying plan" list of Dongguan City and the corresponding high-quality enterprises in the township district as investment targets.

                      Dongguan Listed Companies Enterprise Development Investment Fund (limited partnership), Dongguan Listed Companies Enterprise Development Investment Fund 2 (limited partnership)

                      Dongguan Listed Companies Enterprise Development Investment Fund (Limited Partnership) is an investment fund jointly established by our company's joint-stock holding company and other institutions in the city. It uses flexible means to serve the development of the real economy, mainly supporting listed companies and large Stable and sustainable development of shareholders.The scale of the first phase of the fund is 1.701 billion yuan, and the scale of the second phase is 2.041 billion yuan. The focus is on enterprises that are mainly in the city, which are in line with industrial policies, good industry prospects, outstanding and stable main business, and professional core management.

                      Dongguan Urban Renewal Development Investment Partnership

                      Dongguan Urban Renewal Development Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) is an urban renewal fund lead by Dongguan City Urban Renewal Bureau, initiated by our company, Dongshi Group and Guanxin Fund, with a total scale of 10 billion yuan. The initial investment scale is 1.201 billion yuan, focusing on investing in urban renewal projects in our city. Through the fund, the originating institutions hope to improve the quality of urban space, build an demonstration zone and City-Industry Integration for the industrial transformation and upgrading. It will provide strong support to the strategic deployment and the core work of the municipal government such as the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and the construction of beautiful Dongguan.

                      Guangdong Yueke Yueguan science and technology innovation investment center (limited partnership)

                      Guangdong Yueke Yueguan science and technology innovation investment center (limited partnership) is a parent fund jointly established by our company and Guangdong Science and Technology Finance Group, with a subscription scale of 1.265 billion RMB. It mainly invests in industries that meet the requirements of national and provincial innovation and development and have regional comparative advantage, and focuses on investing in sub-funds and projects in science and technology innovation. The Guangdong-Guanguan parent fund will contribute to the industrialization of major scientific research and innovation achievements with domestic independent intellectual property rights and international advanced level by promoting the linkage between industry and finance in the province.

                      Dongguan Industrial Investment Fund Co., Ltd.

                      Dongguan Industrial Investment Fund Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Dongguan Finance Bureau and has a registered capital of RMB 1 billion. It is mainly engaged in fund management and equity investment. The company has invested in market-oriented sub-funds to capitalize on the allocation of market resources and amplify the role of fiscal funds.

                      The company promotes the development of various types of venture capital and equity investment resources, improves the industrial investment fund industry system in Dongguan, enhances the industrial transformation and upgrading and the development of the real economy.

                      Dongguan Guanjin Industrial Investment Partnership (limited partnership)

                      Dongguan Guanjin Industrial Investment Partnership (limited partnership) is a joint venture of our group's three subsidiaries, Golden Control Capital, Dongguan Trust and Guanxin Fund, with a subscription scale of 150 million yuan. Mainly covers Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Huizhou and other Dawan city advantage industry chain, focusing on Dongguan key advantage industries, as well as the new generation of information technology, high-end manufacturing, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and biomedicine industries.

                      Shenzhen Qianhai Guanxin Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

                      Shenzhen Qianhai Guanxin Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is a private equity investment platform hold by our company with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. Guanxin Fund is committed to four major areas: Industrial Funds, Urban Development Funds, Real Estate Funds, and Merger and Acquisition funds. It also cooperates with listed companies, professional equity investment institutions, and securities companies. Through the mode of PE+listed companies, it grasps the investment opportunities for enterprise transformation and upgrading, state-owned enterprise reform, and capital market development, and helps Dongguan city’s development and industrial transformation and upgrading.

                      Dongguan Hongtu Innovation & Venture Capital Fund Investment Management Co., Ltd.

                      Dongguan Hongtu Innovation & Venture Capital Fund Investment Management Co., Ltd.  is a subsidiary initiated by our company and Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in fund management business and is responsible for the operation and management of the Dongguan Industrial Investment Fund. The company determines the main investment direction of the parent fund according to the economic and social development strategy and industrial policy of Dongguan City, and selects excellent domestic investment institutions to jointly establish sub-funds in Dongguan. It ensures that the parent fund achieves value preservation and appreciation and promotes industrial upgrading and real economic development in Dongguan.

                      ABOUT US
                      MAIN BUSINESS

                      The main business activities of Dongguan Jinhua’s investment platform include: private equity investment, industrial integration, mergers and acquisitions, etc. The establishment of a variety of funds including the Industrial Investment Fund, M&A Parent Fund, Zhenjie Cooperation Fund, and Enterprise Direct Investment Fund. Holding the advantages of financial licenses, cooperating with the government and its platforms, linking listed companies, giving full play to the advantages of local financial platforms for comprehensive financial services, continuously promoting the innovation and growth of outstanding enterprises in the long-term, and helping our enterprises to become bigger and stronger and promote the real economy. Accelerate development.

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